Our Brand


All our ingredients are carefully selected. Only the best is good enough. For us, freshness is not a matter of finest taste. It is our everlasting frame of mind.

In connecting the rainforests with the Swiss Alps, we find the origins of our taste. We accompany our chocolate every step of the way: from the cocoa fields to our customer. And we know each of our partners by name and by heart.

That is what makes our chocolate fresh.

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We are proud to produce exclusively in Switzerland. So that we may guarantee the  highest quality.

We love our Swiss culture and Swiss traditions. They have always inspired us in our work. Our roots are the base for our innovations. The Swiss Alps are our home.

But the world is our guest.


We are masters of our craft. We strive for perfection every day. The common passion for chocolate unites us. We still make many of our products by hand. For something to be beautiful, it must be unique.
We believe in the authentic craft.

And we continue the tradition of the Chocolatiers.

We exist to create sweet moments of enjoyment in everyday’s life.

We put all these beliefs on the scales. With these convictions we would like to offer you the fresh chocolate experience from Switzerland.

An experience with chocolate that you can perceive with all your senses and that definitely and completely has its origins and culture in Switzerland.

Learn more about our values, which our company lives by every day:


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